CryptoCultures is a unique NFT project running on the Cardano Blockchain.
We want to represent a variety of cultures throughout the project and bring the world together in one place.
+10% of the entire earnings are being donated to cultures in need around the world, to help out the ones who need it the most.
We want to build a strong community and give back to those who support the project and believe in it.
Starting off with the 1st series - A collection of 4,444 unique Ancient Egyptians generated out of over 100 different variables.


Mint Egyptian's

Send ADA to this Address:

25% Minted
Early bird

  • 555 ADA charity donation
  • ADA & CNFT Giveaway

50% Minted
Release the bulls

  • 1111 ADA charity donation
  • Big ADA & CNFT Giveaway

75% Minted
Last chance

  • 2222 ADA charity donation
  • Huge ADA & CNFT Giveaway

100% Minted
All around the world

  • 4444 ADA charity donation
  • Random ADA Airdrops for CryptoCultures owners

Lets get started

  • Bringing utilities to the project
  • Series 2 - Secret culture
  • Roadmap v2

44 ADA

10th December 2021, 6pm UTC

4,444 unique egyptians - 44 reserved for giveaways and for the team.

No, we want a fair distribution for all our collectors.

By sending the displayed amount of ADA to the address (provided on the day of minting), you will receive a random CryptoCultures NFT including ~2 ADA to your wallet. Only send your ADA via yoroi/daedalus/nami/ccwallet/adalite wallets. Do not use any CEX like binance, kraken etc.
Limit of 5 NFTs per transaction. Multiple transactions allowed.

With more than 100+ traits, there is going to be a large variety of unique combinations. To keep track of those, we will be live on TokenRef/CNFT Tools after launch!



Founder, Artist & Creator of CryptoCultures


Discord manager & Backend engineer